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Electric Demolition Robots

Electric demolition robots are a relatively new type of equipment in construction. They are gaining popularity as they offer several advantages over traditional machines, including the ability to work in areas that would be difficult for human workers to access.

Using these robots can make demolition jobs much easier and safer, while also reducing the amount of time it takes to complete the job. Additionally, they can help reduce the number of injuries that occur during the demolition process.

Brokk Incorporated is one of the leading manufacturers of remote demolition robots and has a comprehensive line of models that meet all types of needs for demolishers. These robots are a great alternative to traditional backhoes, skid steers and excavators, which often have too much weight for the jobs at hand.

For example, a model from Brokk’s range is just 500 pounds and is able to reach into spaces that a standard backhoe or excavator may not be able to get into. They are also a great option for jobs in areas where fumes are an issue or where the air quality might be bad.

In addition to being small and light, these robots are incredibly powerful and efficient. They are able to break down concrete up to 12 inches thick and can easily fit through doors, stairways and elevators.

They can be used to demolish concrete walls, roofs, stairways and other structures, as well as removing steel and rebar from underground applications. They can also be used in the same way as conventional skid steers or backhoes, but with less fatigue for operators and much more safety for the environment.

Compared to their predecessors, Brokk’s next generation models are even more powerful. They have 15% more power and are built to be stronger and tougher.

The smallest model in the Brokk lineup, the 60, is the lightest and most compact demolition machine on the market. At just 500 pounds, it is 6 to 8 times as strong as hand-held tools and offers the operator zero fatigue while allowing them to perform work at a faster rate.

This machine is also ideal for breaking concrete in confined spaces where it might not be possible to break down with a manual hammer.

Another advantage of these robots is the fact that they are extremely safe and can be operated by a remote control. This allows the operator to see over the robot and keep the other workers on the site safely out of danger while the work is done.

They are also designed to be extremely reliable, requiring minimal maintenance and fewer repairs. This is important in areas where there are no nearby repair shops.

In addition, the large grease container requires refilling less frequently than a smaller model, saving operators valuable time. This also helps eliminate spills that can cause odors and damage the interior of buildings.

In addition, these robots are able to break down concrete up to twelve inches thick, so they can be used to remove large sections of concrete without the need to move other heavy machinery. They can be used to break down rebar and other concrete debris, thereby minimizing the need for waste material disposal.


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